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Two questions about the definition and refresh rate of lcd and led display

Time:2019-11-18 Views:31
Two questions about the definition and refresh rate of lcd and led display

1)at 2m the P2.5 and 1.875 seem to be too low of resolution to give anywhere near a 4K experience. your thoughts?

Because the size of the screen is 4.2m x 1.6875m,so in P1.875mm, its resolution is high 2240x900, but it is not 4K resolution 4096x2160. In such a small LED screen, if need the resolution 4K, pitch below PH0.7mm; now LED technology limit is PH0.7mm.  Because LED screen lighting sources is LED, one LEDs centre to another LED centre distance, that‘s the pitch of LED screen. That‘s dot by dot.   
In my opinion, P1.875mm with 2m viewing distance, that‘s super clear, human eyes see it full high definition.   

2)your refresh rate seems very high a normal HD TV is only about 120 Hz you are much  higher...why? 

About the refresh rate:  Normal HD TV is LCD, that BLU (Backlight) lighting sources with CCFL module, brightness is low, normally below 300cd, cold lighting. Its refresh rate is the graphic card refresh rate, 60HZ is high enough. 
While LED HD TV, it is lighting source are LED, its warm lighting, high brightness,  the refresh rate below 3840HZ will have waves and blurs,black lines when you shoot pictures or videos.
So we all use high refresh rate IC drivers to achieve more than 3840HZ rates, so when people take pictures or videos of led screen, it will be good effect,too.
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