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Super Cool floor led display with interactive function

Time:2019-12-14 Views:25
Super Cool floor led display with interactive function

If you still think that led display can only use in billboard or building wall or concerts, clubs etc,  then you must be outdated in technical application of led display.   Cool awesome use of led display as dance floor is a creative trendy choice for video floor experiences.

Now our floor dance led video wall is super hot sale in China domestic market now, many square centers, clubs, commercial centers, shopping malls. It is even installed in zoos and children palace centers. Kids love to walk on the video wall and with interactive rador functions, people can interactive with the videos. 

We also provide more than 40 kinds of display materials, so you can use it to display different kinds of videos, fishing, flower, sports, etc.
Floor dance floor is waterproof, and can load more than 2T weight, even a car drive on it, that’s no any problems.  It is totally floor, and yes, it is led video floor.
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