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TopColor High Brightness Side LED Transparent LED Display

Time:2019-12-07 Views:31
TopColor High Brightness Side LED Transparent LED Display

Transparent led display is more and more popular in digital led display market after many years development.  Now high brightness transparent led, side led is a good choice, more than 6000cd brightness, which surpass the normal led display, in a more bright technical data.

In the next 2 years, our transparent led display will be more and more popular in world market. No matter indoor low brightness transparent led or outdoor high brightness transparent led. We have all the choice and solutions after many years projects experiences.
Our sample delivered to client is good effect and satisfied. Below are Side LED project info of a middle east:
- 6500nits
- SMD3510 Side LED
- LED lamp Nationstar/ or a good lamp
- IC good quality
- 3840Hz
- 1000x1000mm
- 3 years warranty
- 5% spare parts

If you have any transparent led display projects, please contact with our sales engineers for solutions immediately.
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